Al Jazeera Airs Fake Morsi Supporter Killing

Picture 7

The deceptions of a Muslim Brotherhood propaganda network.

Whose Side Is Obama On?

U.S. President Barack Obama walks out after speaking about the violence in Egypt while at his rental vacation home on the Massachusetts island of Martha's Vineyard in Chilmark

The president’s quest to turn Egypt — and the entire Middle East — over to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Reaping What Obama’s Sown in Egypt


Where the Brotherhood rises to power, carnage ensues.

Inside Egypt’s Terrorist Camps: Torture, Rape, Mass Murder

A poster of deposed Egyptian President Mursi is seen on a barrier made by members of the Muslim Brotherhood and Musi supporters to protect the sit-in area of Rab'a al- Adawiya Square, where they are camping

The gruesome truth about the Muslim Brotherhood “sit ins.”

The Mass Jailing of Turkish Secularists


Why protesters fear they are losing the battle against Islamism.

Five Lessons from Egypt and the Arab Spring


And what they mean for the Middle East’s future.

Erdogan Takes Revenge

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan attends a signing ce

The death of free speech in Turkey.

Egyptian Blood on Obama’s Hands


How the president’s policies encourage Muslim Brotherhood violence.

The Brotherhood’s Reach For Jihad


Ousted Islamists organize their counter-attack — with the help of Al Qaeda and Hamas.

Brotherhood Backers Unleash Hell in Egypt


Morsi supporters won’t let go without a bloody fight.