Venezuelans ‘Taking it to the Streets’


Where is Sean Penn?

Inside the Turkish Protests


Freedom fighters dare to battle for the separation of mosque and state.

The Turkish Summer?


An Islamist Prime Minister faces a volcano of protests in the streets.

Topless Jihad


Amazon feminists take a bold stance against Islamic oppression.

Egypt Melting Down. State of Emergency Declared and Rape Gangs Go On Rampage


Some say the violence serves the Muslim Brotherhood’s purposes. Others say the Muslim Brotherhood regime is about to fall.

Man Banned From D.C. For Protesting Obama Inauguration


I’d like to imagine that if George Bush had declared a protester, Cindy Sheehan perhaps?, as persona non grata in our nation’s capital it just might have made the evening news.

Putin vs. the Punks


An all-female punk band languishes in Russia’s prison system for criticizing the thugocrat in charge.

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Putin Back with a Vengeance


The Russian autocrat begins his third term with a new crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators.

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The Power of the New KGB


An exclusive interview with one of the most respected figures in the Russian dissident movement, Vladimir Bukovsky.

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Occupy Wall Street Out!


Frustrated cities try to evict the mob.

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