North Korea Provokes, Dems Retreat


Why does the Left oppose protecting the defenseless eastern seaboard from attack?

World on Edge over North Korea


USS Fitzgerald shifted to waters off the Korean peninsula.

North Korea’s Embarrassing Provocation


More nuclear tests in the coming days are guaranteed for Kim Jong-Un to save face.

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Student shouting “slaughter the Jews” at Israeli official’s speech claims he was misunderstood

Cross-posted at JihadWatch
This again: yet another sleazy Islamic supremacist claims he was “misunderstood.” You would think that after awhile they’d be too embarrassed to bring out this tired, lame excuse yet again, but they seem to be immune from embarrassment.
And compounding the problem here is that his explanation hardly makes matters better. He is counting [...]

Why Darren Aronofsky Makes My Top Ten Overrated List

Editor’s Note: Ben Shapiro gives away the ending of “Requiem for a Dream” in this post. He also explicitly summarizes the sequence which gave the film its NC-17 rating. Reader discretion is advised.
David Swindle was kind enough to email me about his post earlier today responding to my piece at Big Hollywood [...]

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The Physics of Destroying America: Equal and Opposite Far-Right

In the introduction to Unholy Alliance, David Horowitz explains that his book is about:
“The political Left in America, its problematic allegiances with Islamic radicals, its influence in the Democratic Party, its opposition to the war in Iraq, and its impact on the War on Terror.”

Speaking of the Left’s attempt to equate the Vietnam War and [...]

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