De Blasio’s War on Achievement

Bill De Blasio Holds Campaign Rally In Brooklyn

Do high-achieving public high schools have a future in New York City?

Education and Moral Bankruptcy


How the Left wastes poor students’ time with destructive non-educational programing.

Demonizing the Helpers


Robbing minorities of education by denigrating those trying to reform the system.

De Blasio Time: NYC School Cancels Gifted Classes Over Lack of Diversity


“Classes will be grouped to reflect the diversity of our student body.”

France Fights Public School Islamism


Why a state-implemented secularism charter still won’t save the republic.

Latino & Black Students Prisoners of Dem-Run L.A. Schools


The Left fights to shorten the school year and cracks down on overly effective charter schools.

Detroit Public Schools: Bankrupting Minority Students’ Futures


Exposing the racial injustice of Democrat-controlled education.

Marxist Conference Packed with Chicago Teachers


Welcome to the New Education of your children.

War on Students: Chicago Teachers Union to Strike


Any academic instruction during the mayhem is prohibited by law.

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