Hezbollah Leader Begs Al Qaeda for a Truce


Hassan Nasrallah looks uncomfortable, he mops his brow and admits the fighting is hard and long, which from a terrorist group that claims victory after every defeat, means Hezbollah has been getting its ass kicked in Syria.

The “Humanitarian Relief” Wing of Hamas and Al-Qaeda


The longstanding terror ties of the Turkish group that organized the Gaza-bound flotilla.

The “Human Rights” Activists with Ties to Genocide


The Turkish “human rights” group that organized the latest flotilla to Gaza — which resulted in at least 9 deaths — has longstanding ties to Hamas, al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Saddam Hussein. Learn more …

National Security Mush


A strategy that isn’t a strategy.

Government-Funded Jihad


Why is American taxpayers’ money going to radical mosque in Virginia?

Part-Time Allies


Yemen and Pakistan are still not committed to the war against radical Islam.

The Drone Campaign


Why it must be expanded and defended.

Times Square Denial


Obama officials jump to wrong conclusions to stop Americans from making the right ones.

Faisal’s Terror Ties


An international plot unfolds.

The Second Battle for Mogadishu


Will Al-Qaeda resurrect the network it lost in Afghanistan?