Barack “Mr. Blonde” Obama Raises the Razor on America

Two days ago I introduced my wife April to the movie “Reservoir Dogs.” She’s a Quentin Tarantino fan but had never seen the director’s debut.
There’s a scene in “Reservoir Dogs” where the psychopathic Mr. Blonde, aka Vic Vega,  has just gotten out of prison and is visiting with his crime bosses, Joe Cabot and his [...]

Oz with a Gun: The Climate Thugs Get Medieval

Think Quentin Tarantino instead of Frank Baum. When the curtain is pulled back, Oz has a gun. In an imaginary Tarantino version of the “Wizard of Oz,” Dorothy and her pals are in mortal danger for exposing the fraud which was the Wizard. But deception in our times does not lead to reflection and redemption, as it did in the [...]

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