A Tale of Two Rabbis


Two very different rabbis walk into two very different conventions.

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Britain’s Chief Rabbi Defends Christians


Rabbi Jonathan Sacks urges Jews and Christians to work together to “help Europe recover its soul.”

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Endangering Lives to Sell Newspapers


How some Israeli and American Jewish media incite violence.

From the Writings of David Horowitz: January 31, 2010

When Sarah settled into the new apartment on Bush Street, she became master of her own space and began to move in new directions. “She wanted to be a different person, wanted a new life,” Emily recalls. “She loved living by herself, without roommates; it gave her a new independence. Whatever she did now didn’t [...]

A Daughter Brought to Life – by Jay Nordlinger


David Horowitz’s unusual new memoir.

Sarah’s Story – by Barbara Kay


David Horowitz’s heartbreaking tribute to his late daughter Sarah.