What That Miley Cyrus is Racist Thing is About


It’s like MSNBC but even worse.

Hiring Better Teachers May Be Racist, Say Bad Teachers


We can’t improve minority test scores without better teachers but we can’t get better teachers because that would be racist.

The Sequester is Racist


“Federal budget cuts under sequestration would quickly mean cuts to federal, state and local public-sector jobs, which disproportionately employ women and African-Americans.”

Congressman Hank “Guam” Johnson Claims NRA Only Opposes Obama Because He’s Black

hank johnson guam

Representative Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) said that the National Rifle Association (NRA) opposed President Barack Obama’s gun control plans because the group “still cannot get over” the fact that the president is “black.”

Obama Hijacks 500 Million from National Health Research Budget to Promote Diversity


Who needs a cure for cancer, when you can have a mandatory increase in unqualified researchers getting grants because of their skin color?