Change the Game Takes On the New Year

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The team reveals what lies ahead for the new Freedom Center initiative.

Andrew Klavan: Black Leader Al Sharpton

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A Truth Revolt video.

Leftist Lynch Mobs from Ferguson to Rolling Stone


The left has become America’s biggest hate group.

Police Shootings & Race, in an Age of Lies


What the statistics really say.

Bill Whittle: Obama’s Black Skin Privilege

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A Truth Revolt video.

Who’s Really Responsible for Violent Crime in St. Louis?


Denying the reality can be fatal.

Ben Shapiro: Katy Perry, Cher and Macklemore All Lie About Ferguson


A Truth Revolt video.

Ferguson Lynch Mob Leaders Convene at the White House


Stoking the race riot flames.

Leftists Willing to Fight to the Last Drop of Black Blood


The left-wing lies that precipitated a made-to-order riot.

Obama and the Roots of the Ferguson Rage


The lynch mob politics embraced by the Obama administration hit the streets of America.