Debunking HuffPo’s Chris Lane Killing Narrative


The “myth” of black-on-white crime?

The Thug Culture That Killed Chris Lane


The Left’s unseemly alliance with those who market self-destruction to the black community.

Oprah: Just Because You’re Not Racist Doesn’t Mean You’re Not a Racist


The Left’s emotional blackmail.

Hillary Clinton: Racial Demagogue

Hillary Clinton

Keeping Obama’s flames of ethnic hatred burning for 2016.

Obama’s Neighborhood Race-Watch Program


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Judge Throws Out Discrimination Charges Against Paula Deen


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Raped and Murdered for Being White


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Bob Beckel: The Worst Person in the World


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Social Moralizers Turn Backs on Baby Antonio

Picture 4

A victim of inner city violence whose name will never be famous in America.

How Obama Poisoned Race Relations in America

barack obama race*304

A legacy of race hatred.