‘Peace’ Activists MIA on Syria


Where are the Rachel Corries in Damascus?

Celebrating Rachel Corrie: Israeli Tax Dollars at Work


The state-funded adoration of a terror-supporter who committed suicide for the “right” of Palestinian terrorists to murder Jews.

The Rachel Corrie The New York Times Doesn’t Want You to See


On the 10th anniversary of her death, the Left continues to whitewash a hateful anti-Israel radical.

Michael Moore and Jimmy Carter Spew Over Rachel Corrie Verdict


Occupy Los Angeles and Occupy Oakland have issued their own calls for action against Israel. This does little to help the OWS movement which was begun at the incitement of an anti-Semitic Canadian magazine and has been criticized for its bigoted overtones.

Rachel Corrie Lawyer: Israel worse than Nazi Germany


As bad as Hussein Abu Hussein and Rachel Corrie are, it speaks volumes about the Obama Administration’s priorities that Dan Shapiro, Obama’s ambassador to Israel, has agitated on their behalf and condemned Israel. It also speaks volumes about the Democratic Party’s support for Israel.

A Just Verdict in the Rachel Corrie Case


The patron saint of the pro-terror Left was not killed by Israel.

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The Rachel Corrie Myth


Killed ‘peace activist’ one of the most powerful tools in anti-Israel propaganda.

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How Supporters of Palestinian Terrorism Are Murdered and Raped by Their Palestinian Sponsors


Why the murderers of Vittorio Arrigoni weren’t impressed with his tattoos endorsing their terrorism.

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A Peace Program from Gaza at Last!


Terrorists get serious about kidnapping and murdering terrorists and apologists for terrorism.

Missing Terrorists


Yes, sorry, it’s about Islam.