The Democratic Party’s White Voter Problem


Should the Democrats be held accountable for alienating white voters?

Speed Kills Racial Profiling Study


Debunking the lie that black drivers are pulled over more often because of racism.

Hillary Joins the Ferguson Lynch Mob

Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton participates in "A Conversation with Hillary Rodham Clinton" in Manhattan, New York

Stoking anger, hatred and fear to get into the White House.

A Former Community Organizer’s View of Ferguson


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Fix Ferguson by Getting Rid of the Media


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Sharpton Is Right: Racism Is Rampant

The Rev. Al Sharpton-  Washington, DC

Some astounding numbers regarding interracial crime in America.

The Ferguson Lie Comes Undone


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Obama’s Racism for Fun and Profit


The government’s new monopoly on racial violence.

Honest Questions for Eric Holder


Putting the Attorney General on the defensive.

It’s Not Because You’re Black, Mr. Holder


The Attorney General’s lame attempt to paint his critics as racists.