Barneys’ ‘Racism’ Threatens Jay-Z’s Street Cred


Race demagogue Al Sharpton goes in for the kill.

College Kicks Out Afrobeat Band for Being “Too White”


America may be ready for a black man in the White House, but not for a white Afrofunk band.

The Liberal War on Scientific American


Racial blackmail and shakedowns worked. And science lost.

Chris Noth: Another ‘Brain Dead’ Actor


Hollywood’s political xenophobia on full display.

More Black Mob Violence Denial in Albany

bow tie cinema schenectady slk

The local press reacts to the racist scaremongers.

The Battle of the Redskins


It’s not about racism, it’s about liberal power.

How to Report on Racial Violence: Don’t


The Society of Professional Journalists and Willful Blindness.

Washington Post Claims White People are Racist for Not Caring About Motives of Black Mass Murderers


“It’s not nice to say it, but white America tends to be more intrigued about the minds and motives of white murderers.”

The Violence We Don’t See


Liberal propaganda and our willful blindness to evil.

Considerate Racial Predators


LaShawn Marten lets us know why he left 62-year-old Jeffrey Babbitt with permanent brain damage.