Green Energy Causes 18% Rise in Chicago Energy Bills


5 percent of the power will come from Illinois wind farms.

Chicago’s Muslim Comptroller Pleads Guilty to Fraud, Bribery and Money Laundering


Mayor Emanuel said nothing criminal was done in Chicago

Muslim Brotherhood Chicago Comptroller Hired by Rahm Emanuel Charged with Money Laundering


Mayor Rahm Emanuel heaped praise on his hand-picked aide for helping him “reform government” in Chicago.

Chicago Pays 4,000 City Employees Over $100K

Al Capone

That’s double the average city income.

Guns Don’t Kill People, Chicagoans Kill People


“Gun control . . . is the weak link in the chain of public safety for the city of Chicago,” Rahm Emanuel said.

Rahm Shuts Down the Schools


And the Left gnashes its teeth.

Teachers Union & Socialists Join Forces to Protest Chicago School Closings


A glimpse into the leftist coalition pulling the levers of power in major American cities.

Are You Ready for President Rahm Emanuel?

"Listen to them, the children of the night. What sweet music they make."

The 53-year-old Emanuel, who is busy raising money for his 2015 reelection campaign in the Windy City, has had discussions both over the phone and face to face in the past month with Democratic Party donors and fundraisers about a possible White House run

Can Rahm Emanuel’s Illegal Thug Tactics Be Stopped?

Rahm Emanuel

Chicago mayor’s attacks on private business owners take an ugly turn.

Illinois to Approve Illegal Alien Driver’s Licenses


But who is leading the charge to pass the bill?