Ramadan Charity: Funding Atrocities


‘Tis the season.

Israeli Court Whitewashes Medieval Blood Libel


Israel’s judicial Left continues its sordid deeds.

More Evidence that Palestinians are Religious Nazis


The “peace partners” who celebrate the murderers of children during Ramadan.

Berber Minority Protests Mandatory Ramadan Muslim Fast with “Eat-In”


This may be the tastiest protest ever

The Arab World’s Ramadan Hate-Fest

Picture 7

Another Jew-bashing TV series for the holy month.

Zawahiri: Coming To Egypt


Disturbing reports of a secret meeting (and a secret agreement) between Morsi and the al-Qaeda leader.

Israel’s Futile ‘Goodwill Gestures’


Netanyahu’s overtures earn only more Palestinian denial of the Jewish connection to the Holy Land.

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Break Your Wife’s Fingers for Ramadan


Finger-breaking isn’t the traditional punishment for premeditated Ramadan eating. That’s one month in prison in the Palestinian Authority, under a criminal code paid for by Uncle Sam. In Morocco, it’s three months. In Borneo, it’s six months. In Pakistan, the police beat you with their belts. In France, it’s a beating. In Berlin, it’s two broken fingers.

Ramadan: Islam’s ‘Holy Month’ of Christian Oppression

Egyptian Christian, Maher Rizkalla: Before and After Ramadan

No respite for infidels in Muslim territory.

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Ramadan Ding-Dong


Why Obama’s Ramadan address is divorced from reality.

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