A Foreign Policy Primer for Obama––and Rand Paul


Dismissing the lessons history teaches.

Does Rand Paul Even Understand What “Isolationism” Is?


“For 70 years we had diplomatic relations with Russia, despite the gulags”

Should the United States Declare War on the Islamic State?


Congress authorized military force against Al Qaeda and its various affiliates on September 11.

Rand Paul: Republicans Can’t Win w/o Black Vote


Christie is currently at 13 percent of the black vote against Hillary. Paul is at 15 percent.

Will Rand Paul Please Stop Accusing Republicans of Racism


‘We don’t want black people to vote because they’re voting Democrat’

Rand Paul has a Bold Decisive Plan to do the Same Thing in Iraq


… We should build a coalition of nations

Rand Paul was Against America Being Iran’s Air Force, Before He was for It

Two empty suits

It involves the U.S. taking a backseat to Iran and Syria.

No, Rand Paul Doesn’t Support Destroying ISIS


There are always at least two Rand Pauls.

Why is the US Spending $8 Mil to Fight Terrorism in Fargo?


This is what open borders do.

Norquist, Bloomberg and Rand Paul Team Up for “Don’t Call It Amnesty”


“I say everywhere I go I am for immigration reform,” he added.