Muslim Rape Culture


The Taliban and their views on women are now here.

Whitewashing Amsterdam’s Islamization


A new book puts a pretty face on a grim and tragic reality.

Many Things Rotten in Denmark


The heavy price a Danish-Iranian woman will pay for criticizing her oppressive home country.

Remember the KBR Iraq Shipping Container Rape Story? It was a Lie


Rachel Maddow, who used Jones’s story to accuse thirty Republican senators of being rape apologists, never responded

Liberals Don’t Understand Reality


Liberals seem to have a pretty poor grasp of the difference between the real and the ideal.

Michigan State Prof.: Republicans Have ‘Raped This Country’


The university takes action.

Muslim Persecution of Christians: Summer of Horror for Women

APTOPIX Pakistan

Islam’s bloody jihad against infidels continues.

De Facto Amnesty for Child Rapists


The newest “prosecutorial discretion” directive for deportation cases.

Christian Girl Raped, Beaten and Sold into Slavery


And the world continues to turn a blind eye.

Scandinavian Rape, Scandinavian Blinders


Facing facts about the new sexual assault capital of the world.