Rashid Khalidi’s False Narrative of Israeli History


Making up Israeli history — and whitewashing Arab guilt and perfidy.

Rashid Khalidi, Ramaz and Peter Beinart’s Double Standard


This isn’t about a dialogue, it’s about a sustained assault on Israel.

Jewish Educational Institutions Need to Stop Apologizing for Being Pro-Israel


If a Jewish institution doesn’t stand for not destroying Israel, then what does it stand for?

“Activist” for Anti-Israel Group with Ties to Obama Exposed as Terrorist


Rashid Khalidi founded the Arab American Action Network. Obama and his wife were regular dinner guests at Khalidi’s Hyde Park home.

Challenging the Slander at Columbia’s Israel-Bashing Event


Finkelstein and Khalidi utter shameless lies against the Jewish State.

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Summing Up Obama (So Far)


It’s still a legitimate question: Who is he?

Target Israel


The Jewish state’s greatest sin – in the eyes of Obama.

History as Propaganda


Anti-Israel professor Rashid Khalidi politicizes and academic awards ceremony.

In Defense of the American Task Force on Palestine


When they say they want peace they really mean it.

The Terror and Crime of the American Task Force on Palestine


The disappearing leadership of one of America’s main terror lobbies.