Big Dem Cities, Big Dem Poverty


The startling truth about America’s biggest poverty centers and the politics that produces them.

The Government’s War on Poverty Reduction


What the crusaders against American “income inequality” won’t tell you.

Does Racism Really Cause More Black Drug Arrests?


Critical Race Theory in media exposed.

The Truth About Law Enforcement & Gun Violence Prevention


The Left tries to turn back the clock on crime rate decline, while disarming the law-abiding.

New Hope in New Jersey


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How the Campuses Helped Ruin California’s Economy


Brain-dead demonstrations.

Sinking to New Lows in the Terror War


How the Obama administration is facilitating the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan of the “grand jihad.”

Rep. Paul Ryan clashes with Obama over budget –

Rep. Paul D. Ryan says he is determined to make sure the Republican Party is viewed as “the alternative party, not the opposition party.” That is a goal President Obama embraced when he visited House Republicans at their policy retreat in Baltimore last week, and he singled out Ryan as someone he would like to […]

Class Warfare in the Classroom


Radical professors are teaching students to wage the “class struggle.”

Global Warming Dogma Melts in Glaciergate


The latest in scientific malpractice from climate change alarmists.