Brown University Retreats From Free Speech


The leftist Gestapo’s choke-hold on intellectual diversity on full display.

NYPD Commissioner Blasts Bill de Blasio, Warns of Dem Party Extremism

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam. He is completing a book on the international challenges America faces in the 21st century.


“The reality is the Democratic primary is controlled by extreme elements of the party. “

Brown’s Abuse of Ray Kelly: A Metaphor of the Academy


The totalitarianism permeating higher education.

CAIR Allies Slam NYPD Chief as Possible DHS Pick

Ryan Mauro is a fellow with the, the founder of and a frequent national security analyst for Fox News Channel. He can be contacted at

Ray Kelly

Too tough on terror for Islamists and their collaborators.