Second Term Headaches


Lingering problems catch up to a president.

The Art of Being a Happy Warrior


Why we should be thankful for the Left.

What to Expect in the Next Four Years


Prepared for the worst — and to fight back.

A Time for Courage, and Action

Bibi Jerusalem

With Obama’s re-election, Israel must look inward more than ever.

Israel and U.S. on a Collision Course?


Why Israelis are not celebrating Obama’s re-election.

Obama and the Politics of Contempt


The president’s campaign strategy has been to promote hatred of the opposition.

Obama’s Campaign Bully Brigade Rides Again


The president’s agenda is donor intimidation, not transparency.

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Brazilian Oil and Re-election Schemes


Another Soros connection with Obama’s favorite oil producing country uncovered.

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Obama’s Base Problem


Dwindling support becomes a serious issue.

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Palin’s Support of McCain Makes No Sense

Palin paid off whatever debt she might have owed John McCain during the 2008 presidential campaign. Why, then, is she supporting McCain’s reelection to the senate vice conservative challenger J.D. Hayworth?