New York Ain’t the Land of the Free

Homelessness On The Rise In New York City

Why job creators have had it with the Empire State.

The EU Ponders Crackdown on Journalism


A new report calls for sweeping media controls.

Gun Grabbers Gone Wild

Picture 7

Leftists admit the ultimate goal is confiscation.

Obama’s Regulatory Cliff Draws Near


Millions of jobs are on the line.

New York: Big Taxes, Big Business Obstacles and Big Problems Happen Here


One left-wing state’s pathetic attempt to attract more businesses.

From Surf to Serfdom


What the plight of the Massachusetts fishing industry tells us about Big Government.

The Fat Nanny State


The origins of Bloomberg’s war on soda.

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The Next Economic Meltdown


Government action is not the solution — it’s the problem.

Paul Howard: Obamacare’s gift to all: More regulation, more debt, more taxes – Washington Examiner

Democrats are spending trillions on a Christmas present that a majority of Americans don’t want: health care legislation loaded with more debt, more taxes, and more regulations. Like your Aunt Phyllis’ fruitcake, it’s on the way and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. >>It’s easier to believe in Santa Claus and flying reindeer […]

Hopenhagen Goes Bust – by Rich Trzupek


The failure of the climate change summit is a defeat for global warming alarmists.