Obama’s Leftist Pseudo-Rabbi


The real faith of Obama’s new point man on international religious freedom issues.

Religious Freedom Under Attack in the Muslim World

Italy Mideast Sudan

There are many Meriams in Sudan and around the globe.

Appoint a Qualified Special Envoy for Religious Freedom, Mr. President


A Radical-in-Chief’s inaction in the face of genocide against religious minorities in Iraq and Syria.

Canada: No Religious Liberty for Doctors


Why the future of freedom in Canada looks bleaker and bleaker.

The Blair Doctrine


Replacing democracy with religious freedom.

Clinton/Obama Court of Appeals Judges Rule for Company on ObamaCare Abortion Mandate


A Colorado-based business does not have to adhere to the federal government’s abortion pill mandate

France Fights Public School Islamism


Why a state-implemented secularism charter still won’t save the republic.

Gay “Couple” to Sue to Force Churches to Host Gay Weddings

Barrie Drewitt-Barlow

He added: “It upsets me because I want it so much – a big lavish ceremony, the whole works.. .I am still not getting what I want.”

Obama’s New Libyan Government Arrests 4 for Printing Books About Christianity

The Benghazi Catholic Cathedral. Another National Security threat in 100 Percent Muslim Libya.

“We are a 100 percent Muslim country and this kind of action affects our national security,” security official Hussein Bin Hmeid said.

Obama’s “Wise Latina” Upholds Religious Freedom for Muslims, Not Christians


Justice Sonia Sotomayor rejected a request for an emergency injunction by Hobby Lobby, a Christian-owned company, to shield the company from the controversial contraceptive mandate. In a previous case Sotomayor ruled for a Muslim inmate who was denied Ramadan meals.