Soros-Funded Religious Left Group Targets Gitmo


But silence on Sudan’s chief torturer being welcomed to Washington.

Religious Left Wants Control of More than Guns


Why human liberty is the real target.

The Left’s Drone Demonization Campaign


“Faith-based” protest provides lessons for the next president.

Leftist Christians vs. the Jewish State


The Religious Left condemns Israel — while ignoring the most repressive regimes on earth.

The Religious Left and Hiroshima


Leftist Christians continue to deny reality about why the U.S. brought an end to Japan’s brutal war.

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Religious Left Resents a Free South Korea


The saints of social justice point to defensive measures of the south as the real threat to peace on the peninsula.

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‘Torture Awareness Month’ Sweeps Washington


While real torture and mayhem flourish around the world, the Religious Left puts America in the crosshairs.

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Religious Left Pushes for Arms Trade Treaty


Pacifist churches demand crippling law-abiding countries while the lawless pursue arms at will.

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Religious Left Laments America’s Discovery


Episcopal Church promotes “dismantling the structures and policies based on” the “ancient evil” of our foundation.

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Religious Left Opposes Pressure Against Iranian Nukes


Even a bipartisan symbolic resolution is too much for the saints of social justice.

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