Why Republicans Can’t Debate Obama


You can’t oppose what you support.

The GOP’s Policy on Iran, ISIS, and Al-Qaeda?


It’s high time to tell it like it is about the “facts on the ground.”

The Racist, Discriminating Democratic Party


The real enemy of minorities unveiled.

8 of 10 Richest Congressional Districts are Repped by Democrats


Democratic House districts have a $1,000 higher income than Republican districts.

Immigration and the Future of American Conservatism


The GOP can either change on immigration or immigration will change the GOP.

David Brooks’ Historical Revisionism


A misguided defense of the values of the defunct Whig Party.

Winning Means Daring to Do Unpopular Things

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 6.44.14 AM

Obama is not worried about his popularity.

Even 65% of Liberals Think Voter ID is a Good Thing


83 percent of non-whites support Voter ID as opposed to 82 percent of whites

Grassroots Jewish Republicans Moving to the Right

Dinah Abramson, Black Jewish Republican Delegate

The American Jewish consensus is collapsing into the same partisan divide as the rest of the country, with left-wing Jews on one side and right-wing Jews on the other.

Study Finds Tea Party Rallies Added 5 Million Republican Votes


The researchers conclude that having a Tea Party protest on Tax Day, April 15, in 2009 increased the number of Republican votes in that area for the 2010 midterm elections and caused their representatives to vote more conservatively.