What Is ‘Conservatism’?


Searching for a definition that is as elusive as it is inspiring.

The Tea Party Is Not the Problem, The Establishment Is


The GOP can either “evolve” into liberalism, it can try to run as the unimaginative competent party or it can actually open the door to fresh ideas, which is the only thing that has saved it in the past.

Colin Powell Isn’t Embarrassing the Republican Party, He’s Embarrassing Himself

"Sorry man, it's not happening."

The Colin Powell we see on the Sunday morning shows is a bitter man angry over not getting as far as he wanted to go. It isn’t racial bitterness that Powell projects, but personal grievance.

House May Be Holding Firm on Spending Cuts


This battle is a good thing and it may end up doing for the Republican Party in 2014 what the ObamaCare debate did in 2010 by giving the Republican Party renewed energy and fight after a loss.

Paul Ryan: A Serious VP Pick for a Serious Election


A competition of philosophies is now underway.

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Five Pearls of Wisdom for Young Leftists


Key lessons not taught in universities.

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Bringing Life Back to the Party


What a winning platform for the Republican nominee would look like.

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Conservatives Need to Make the Case for Freedom


Why the Left’s agenda for the country fails not just on its merits but on its morals as well.

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Decision Time in Iowa


Room for an upset with 41 percent of voters undecided.

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Predictions for 2012


Time to be bullish on GOP prospects?

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