Obama to Speak at Conference of Opponent of “Greek Homos”, “Chinamen” and Jews

No Greek Homo

Perhaps the enthusiastic lynchers of Brendan Eich will spare a thought for Sharpton?

Bill de Blasio’s Lesbian Wife to Get City Office Headed Up by Al Sharpton’s Spokeswoman


“Louis Farrakhan’s going to get a new house on your MasterCard.”

Black Leaders Blame Obama for Racist Knockout Game


The black community needs to take some ownership of this culture of hatred.

Al Sharpton Insists He Saw The Phantom Tape

During the sparring session last night between Rev. Al Sharpton and Bill O’Reilly on “The Factor,”  Sharpton claimed that he saw the much bally-hooed tape of Tea Party protesters outside the Capitol building hurling the “n” word at black congressmen.  The only problem is that such a tape most likely does not exist. Nor are there [...]

Tucker Carlson: A moral arbiter for our age, Rev. Al Sharpton – The Daily Caller

You can bet that one of the first calls Harry Reid made after his “Negro dialect” comments surfaced was to Al Sharpton. Who knows what sort of deal the two worked out, but Sharpton quickly came to Reid’s aid, dismissing the majority leader’s gaffe as a minor blemish on an otherwise pristine record of support […]