Reverend Wright’s Daughter Charged with Embezzling Money from Job Training Program for Minorities


Jeri Lynne Wright has acted as her father’s spokeswoman and met with Obama during the height of the Wright scandal, but she also has other hobbies like stealing money meant for the poor.

Obama’s Mail Bag


The president shares a few of his most memorable post-election correspondences.

The New York Times’ Obsession With Mormonism


Doing the Obama campaign’s dirty work for them.

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Why Jeremiah Wright Matters — Still


Obama’s character still fair game.

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Rev. Wright’s Role in the ‘Destroy Israel March’


Obama’s mentor served as an adviser to the anti-Semitic Global March to Jerusalem.

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Putting Obama’s Radicalism on the Ballot


America cannot afford to make the same mistake twice — but the obstacles are daunting.

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Summing Up Obama (So Far)


It’s still a legitimate question: Who is he?

Bill Ayers, Israel’s Latest Attacker – by P. David Hornik


The former Weatherman terrorist takes Hamas’s line toward the Jewish state.

Obama’s Landscape of Anti-Semitism – by Jamie Glazov

Obama 2008

The president’s Jew-hating personal and professional associations.