Muslim “Scholar” Reza Aslan Writes About Bible Without Having Read It

It's okay. He's "internationally acclaimed."

Aslan says the story of Noah in the Bible is barely four verses long.

Reza Aslan: Authority on Islam and the Middle East?


A narcissistic charlatan exposed.

The Lies and Misrepresentations of Reza Aslan

Reza Aslan

The self-described “professor of religions” should check his diploma.

The Problem With Reza Aslan’s Book About Jesus


The issue is not who the author is, but who he isn’t.

Interfaith Center Gives Bridge Building Award to Man Who Praised Hezbollah and Brotherhood


That is what comes of misunderstanding Islam; a problem that the Center for Interreligious Understanding suffers from

The Twisted World of Reza Aslan


One of America’s most well known “moderate” Muslims confirms that Bin Laden’s version of Islam is valid after all.