The Apartheid Lie Against Israel


Erstwhile Israel maligner Richard Goldstone stands up for the Jewish State.

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The Jewish Intellectual Predicament


Attacked from all sides, Jews must begin to defend themselves.

Legitimating Bigotry


The legacy of Richard Goldstone.

Poor Michael Lerner’s Petunias


The leftist “Rabbi” whines about being the victim of “Rightwing Zionist violence.”

The Backlash Against Goldstone


South Africa’s Jews protest the author of the notorious anti-Israel smear.

To Kill a Terrorist


If Israel assassinated the leader of the Hamas military wing, did it have the right to?

The Pathology of Jewish Anti-Semitism


Why are some Jews leading the war against Israel?

Endangering Lives to Sell Newspapers


How some Israeli and American Jewish media incite violence.

The New Israel Fund and the Next War


The Israeli government has an opportunity to clear the way for any future war to end not only in military victory, but in political victory for Israel as well.

Curious Defenses of the Goldstone Report

Richard Goldstone

Goldstone invokes his Jewishness, Zionism, his daughter’s residence in Israel and his connection to Hebrew University.