From the Writings of David Horowitz: May 4, 2010

The radicalism shaping the Democratic Party is part of a broad-ranging, forty-year effort of New Left radicals to infiltrate the institutions of American society and culture, and redirect their purposes and ends. These institutions include the courts, schools, universities, churches, mass media, unions, foundations, corporations and government agencies…During the 2004 election campaign, through an extraordinary [...]

From the Writings of David Horowitz: April 2, 2010

How did John Podesta and Al Gore and Barack Obama come to be political allies of a far left radical like Van Jones, a 9/11 conspiracy “truther” and a supporter of the Hamas view that the entire state of Israel is “occupied territory?” To answer this question requires an understanding of [...]

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David Horowitz and Ben Johnson’s 2008 demonstrated the Left’s sabotage of the War on Terror.

From the Pen of David Horowitz: October 8, 2009

Americans did not want the McCain-Feingold Act, but we got it anyway. We did not want the Motor-Voter law, but now we live with its results. We did not ask for a Global War on Poverty, yet we are getting one all the same. This is a foretaste of life under Shadow [...]