The Anti-Zionist Challenge to the Jewish Establishment

Why the target of groups like J Street is not the Right, but the leftist Jewish establishment.

A Witness


A conservative appreciation of David Horowitz.

A Left-Wing America Stands Alone


While Europe goes right, America stays left back.

Dumb Politicians Won’t Get Elected


When trashing the Constitution is the politically smart thing to do.

Monica Crowley: Defeating the Leftist Revolutionaries


The Left is engaged in a war — when will conservatives wake up?

If You Want a Conservative Child


How to make sure the right values endure into adulthood.

Livni’s Political Strategy


The politics of demonization and self-aggrandizement.

Gut Check: The Right Way to Rebel


So, let’s say you realized, that, try as you might, you’re not like the rest of them…..

Subverting the Cultural Occupation


Why conservatives can no longer afford to dismiss pop culture.

How Melanie Phillips Became a Culture Warrior

melanie phillips

An enemy of the Left tells her story.