What the Israeli Public Really Thinks


Secularists, not the religious, lead the country’s rightward shift.

The New Abbasids


The Israeli left finds a saint in Mahmoud Abbas.

Newt Gingrich’s Keynote Address at Restoration Weekend

Picture 22

A political visionary discusses the path forward for conservatism.

The Art of Being a Happy Warrior


Why we should be thankful for the Left.

A Conservative Sellout Is Not the Solution


The rush to centrism is a rush to political suicide for the Right.

Israel’s Rightward Drift


Understanding the shift.

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Religious Left Mourns Independence Day


America the arrogant?

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Duped by Congressional Lies


Refuting the claim that Social Security recipients are cashing in on “their” money.

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Why Don’t “Progressives” Debate Conservatives?


How leftists have become victims of their own brainwashing.

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Fred Branfman, Noam Chomsky and the Communist Two-Step

Fred Branfman, author, blogger and early contributor to the current California economic miracle under Governor Jerry Brown, has written a very long apologetic about Noam Chomsky, or more accurately a standard screed against US imperialism and capitalism using Chomsky as a prop. Presumably he thought that invoking the grand old man’s name would somehow spur [...]