David Remnick’s Article Telling Us to Support Haaretz Reveals Why We Don’t Need Haaretz

New Yorker editor David Remnick has a 10,000-word piece on Haaretz in the magazine’s current issue, echoing the fantasy that the leftist newspaper is integral to the country’s intellectual and political health.

MJ Rosenberg Relies on Anti-Semitic Steroetypes To Argue His Anti-Israel Positions

Perhaps when he was a child, MJ Rosenberg’s parents beat him with an Israeli flag, or maybe the first time he visited the Holy Land he tripped and got a “boo-boo” on his knee, or maybe an Israeli doctor unnecessarily removed his tonsils, just like President Obama said doctors do it all the time. The […]

ICYMI: Afternoon Roundup

News about Israel and the Jewish community from around the world.

Do Pete Seeger and the BDS Folks Believe All of Israel Is ‘Occupied’?

Pete Seeger is officially on the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions wagon.

“Nobody’s Gonna Touch Israel”: NRB Interviews Ron Paul

We caught up with Congressman Ron Paul after his speech at the Tea Party Patriots American Policy Summit in Phoenix over the weekend. One of the themes of that speech was that America cannot impose democracy upon the rest of the world. However, unaddressed was whether America ought to protect allies who are free and wish to remain so. Here was our follow-up with the congressman.

UCLA’s Palestine Awareness Week: Students for the Extermination of Israel

The author paid a visit to the UCLA campus last week to cover the Muslim Student Association’s Palestine Awareness Week. He came away with the experiential knowledge that our premiere public universities are aiding and abetting Islamist jihad and the global neo-communist campaign for the extermination of Israel.

J Street Crowd Gives Call for Revolution in Israel a Standing Ovation

J Street audience applauds call for revolution in Israel.

J’Accuse: The New York Times Promotes Muslim Brotherhood Lies, Covering Up For Nazi Collaborators

Recently, Tariq Ramadan, considered by the Western intelligentsia to be the very epitome of enlightened Islamism, wrote a New York Times op-ed in which he was not only allowed–among other total lies–to deny that the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and his grandfather, who then led the group, were Nazi collaborators before, during, and even after World War Two. In fact, he dares claim–because he knows the mainstream media will not expose this lie–that the Muslim Brotherhood was an anti-fascist organization!

Palestinian Authority insults the US – and no one says a word

The Palestinian Authority is officially calling the United States an “obstacle to peace.” It is saying that the US – a nation that has worked harder than any other to bring about peace, a nation that brokered Camp David – cannot be an honest broker in negotiations. Whether you agree or disagree with the present administration, this press release is an unacceptable slap in the face of the world’s superpower by an entity that cannot conceive of the idea of compromise for peace.

Yet the US has not said a word in response.

Hasbara 2.0: Getting people to listen to the message

Effective advocacy for Israel means finding a way to get the message across to people. And getting one’s message across to others effectively involves psychology. People identify with various groups. If you are a Dallas Cowboys fan, you will naturally feel comfortable with other Cowboys fans, and it is easier for the other fans to gain your trust. The same with people who come from the same town you are from, or people of your faith, people who share your hobbies, or people of the same age and socio-economic status. This is natural.