The Mafia Mentality of the Mideast: Take Away the Jews Or We’ll Kill Them and It Will Be Your Fault

There have been variations, but this has been the argument that has been used against Israel for over six decades. Arabs cannot control themselves from killing Jews, therefore Jews must vacate areas that Arabs don’t want them to go.

Is Coca-Cola Making a Mistake by Responding to Rumors It’s a Zionist-Controlled Company?

Coca-Cola has long been a symbol of America and capitalism. But according to an article this week in The Economist, for some it’s also an icon of the Zionist conspiracy. No wonder I can’t get enough of the stuff.

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood? Gaza’s Hamas? Lebanon’s Hezbollah? Dalal Mughrabi proves Fatah is No Different!

The Muslim Brotherhood may yet decide to imitate Fatah and take on the tokens of moderation. If they do the denizens of Foggy Bottom will no doubt believe them.

This State Department game (that too many successive Israel governments have participated in) of pretending that Fatah will ever be a peace partner must end. Fatah remains what it has always been, a violent criminal organization with a Nazi-like hatred for Jews at its core.

What If They Gave a Revolution and No Regime Fell?

The time has come to advance a new thesis. Since I was just about the first person anywhere to warn publicly that the Egyptian revolution wasn’t necessarily going to be a bed of roses, let me now suggest a daring idea that seems increasingly possible. I speak here as a political analyst and not as an advocate of any policy or outcome, neither cheering nor booing but merely observing.

Cynical PLO Denies the Undeniable–Jews Exist!

When The Guardian and Al Jazeera released “The Palestine Papers,” they chose to write articles about a very small percentage of them — and then they twisted what the papers actually said to advance their agenda.

In fact, the papers have a lot of information that is quite newsworthy that the Guardian decided against publicizing — precisely because it makes the Palestinian Arab leaders look like fools, liars or both.

Hasbara 2.0: What Is Effective Hasbara?

Zionists have over the past couple of decades acclimated themselves to being on the defensive — to arguing that Israel is not the evil entity that it is portrayed as. We have lost the forest for the trees. We are so stuck in the arguments on the haters’ frameworks that we never come up for breath and show them Israel as it is.

Saudi Prince Attacks DC Supporters of Israel as ‘Muppets’

Did you hear the one about the Saudi Arabian Prince and the guy from Sesame Street?

No, really.

If you are not familiar with The National Council on U.S. Arab Relations (NCUSAR) you really shouldn’t feel bad. After all, it is difficult to keep track of all of the various Saudi funded propaganda/political efforts in the U.S. Here’s what you do need to know about NCUSAR: like the similarly named Council on Islamic American Relations (CAIR) this group also has deep pockets and has successfully forged high level relations with some of the most respected institutions and personalities of the limousine liberal left. Their website can be found at

The Forward Defends Rutgers Anti-Zionist Event, Denigrates Holocaust Victims and Slanders Israeli Troops

There is an article in this week’s edition of the Forward that should leave the pro-Israel students and supporters at Rutgers University feeling encouraged about their recent protest of a pro-Palestinian event that was designed to denigrate the Holocaust.

But the Rutgers students should also reserve some energy for a tinge of outrage.

BDS Movement and Code Pink Now Targeting Children’s Birthday Parties

I don’t know what else I was expecting from Code Pink, the group so inane its members interrupt their own interviews. When they’re not expressing their patriotism by crashing naturalization ceremonies, they unwind by targeting Israeli products for boycott. Boycotting is an easy, do-it-at-home form of activism for the Code Pinker whose boas are all at the dry cleaner.

The boycott in question is the Code Pink campaign against AHAVA beauty products. The embarrassing misstep? Listing, in their trove of media clips surrounding their efforts, an article from The Jewish Week about a mother whose 7-year-old daughter’s birthday party was spoiled by anti-Israel sentiment stirred up by the boycott. Code Pink, why would you list this among your PR victories

The History Lesson So Desperately Needed By Israel’s Detractors

Unable to defeat Israel on the battlefield or intimidate her by decades of terror her Muslim tormentors have anxiously turned to a different strategy. In defiance of the mountains of historical and archeological facts, let alone the biblical evidence, they have embarked on a strenuous effort to turn history upside down and wage a campaign to prove that Israel and the Jews have no legal right to the Land of Israel and that it should always have been a land over which Islamic supremacists hold dominion.