A Carter Intervention in Venezuela


Another PR stunt to serve Venezuela’s socialist oppressors?

The New Civil Rights Anthem: Fight For Your Right to Party


When stopping a nightclub riot is “racist.”

A Hate Crime in Texas


Black mob violence in the rest of the country.

More Black Mob Violence Denial in Albany

bow tie cinema schenectady slk

The local press reacts to the racist scaremongers.

Muslim Days of Rage


How many near-simultaneous jihadist acts does it take to awaken the West?

No Future for France


Why even the French are giving up on their own country.

New York Times Encourages Attacks Against Jews


After recent violence, the Gray Lady provides a platform for those calling for a third intifada.

Arab Rage, Unrest and Anti-Americanism Is Nothing New


The truth about the so-called “Arab Spring.”

Egyptians Erupt Against Obama’s Favorite Islamist Regime


Obama tilts U.S. policy in the Muslim Brotherhood’s favor at the expense of pro-democracy secularists.

Muslim ‘Offenses’ Are About Power, Not Words


Why, even if we removed all “offensive” cartoons and movies on the planet, members of the ‘”religion of peace” would still riot.

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