Trayvon Martin: Rodney King, Redux


The similarities are eerie. The outcome will be frightening.

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A Heinous Crime and a Double Standard


In Afghanistan, all civilians are equal, but some are more equal than others.

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The Price of a Koran


How many American lives does a Muslim holy book cost?

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Socialist Destruction Unleashed in Greece


“We are a breath away from ground zero.”

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The Brewing Egyptian Hostage Crisis


The world is watching and waiting for President Obama.

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Egypt’s Pre-Election Chaos


Protests, violence and bitter campaigning.

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Occupy Oakland’s Mayhem and Destruction


Residents find little help in city authorities.

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Panic room saved artist Kurt Westergaard from Islamist assassin – Times Online

Just when Denmark thought the worst was over, Islamic fury has come back to haunt it with an assassination attempt on the artist whose cartoon of the prophet Muhammad as a suicide bomber had an explosive impact four years ago on the Muslim world.An axe-wielding Somali extremist broke into the home of Kurt Westergaard on […]