Hollywood’s Take on Terrorism


Some terrorists are more equal than others.

The Radical Dream


Hollywood sells nostalgia for the Left’s glory days of death and destruction.

The Bloody Company Hollywood Keeps


Where is Robert Redford’s compassion for the victims of the Weather Underground murderers he glorifies?

Bringing Down America with the Company You Keep


FBI agent Larry Grathwohl exposes the truth about Robert Redford’s romanticization of leftist terrorism.

Sundance, Soros and Robert Redford’s Double Life


The long, hypocritical career of an America-hating actor.

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Can Kevin Costner’s Oil Spill Fix Make Up For “Waterworld” Disaster?

For years, film buffs have been lampooning actor Kevin Costner for his 1995 flop Waterworld. However, Costner has also given us good movies such as the unforgettable 1987 film The Untouchables. He was even able to make JFK watchable, a 1991 film by Marxist propagandist Oliver Stone. Like most actors his career is riddled with ups [...]