Britain’s Powerful Enemies of Freedom

HOPE not Hate

The hatred of the U.K.’s group “Hope Not Hate.”

What is Exceptional About America? — on The Glazov Gang


What Obama will never say.

Living in a Backwards World


Why all indicators point to cultural collapse.

Britain Bans Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer — Welcomes Che Guevara’s Daughter


Opponents of jihad are barred, but not a woman who promotes a murderous human rights abuser.

Britain Embraces Jihad Terror


Jihad hate preachers welcome; counter-jihadists, no.

Shooting the Messenger


Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller banned from the United Kingdom for telling the truth about Jihad.

UK MP Who Called for Rushdie Book Ban, Trying to Ban Robert Spencer


” A ban should be enforced properly and physically stop people entering our borders.”

Europe’s Last Stand?


This week The American Freedom Alliance hosts a major international conference in Los Angeles.

Academics or Agitprop Artists?


When “scientists” smear human rights promoters as “fascists.”

In Praise of America’s Heroes: Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller — on The Glazov Gang


The panel pays tribute to two courageous truth-tellers who refuse to surrender to Islamic blasphemy laws in America.