The Number of Hamas Arabs vs. Israeli Dead


Is it relevant?

The Palestinian Rocket and Propaganda Offensive


Hamas plays the victim — and the international community plays along.

Israel Fights Back Against Gaza Terror


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Rockets Pound Israel on Seventh Day of War

Picture 4

As desperate diplomats still angle for a truce.

Of Hockey and Politics


Calling the political game properly.

Coming of Age Under Qassam Rockets


Israeli girls relive their childhood terror on stage.

A Blind Eye for Hamas’ Victims


Where is the world’s outrage about the killing of Manee Singmueangphon, a Thai migrant worker, by a Gaza rocket?

Ban Ki Moon’s Gaza “Siege” Delusions

Switzerland UN

What kind of “blockade” allows 738,576 tons of humanitarian aid?

Palestinian Rockets and the Children of Sderot


The ongoing impact of rocket terror on southern Israelis today.

The New Israel Fund’s View of a “New Israel”


The anti-Israel organization shares Hamas’ dream for Israel’s future.