Christian Persecution Myth?


How the present debunks anti-Christian academics’ claims that early followers of Jesus made up stories of martyrdom.

The Last Days of Jews in the Islamicized Europe


Rome’s largest synagogue looks like a military outpost, with private guards and policemen at every corner.

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How Islam Killed Greco-Roman Civilization


Where Islam enters, civil society soon exits.

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Doing As the Romans Do


Even a failing government can’t stop the human spirit.

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Ignoring Calls for Holocaust


The Left’s deafening silence on our modern-day Kristallnacht.

The Limits of Power


Why did some slave masters pay certain slaves throughout history?

A Letter to Gaza


Why did your culture end up valuing hate over love and death over life?

Explaining Different Racial Groups and Different Achievements


A major part of any group’s environment is the culture that they have inherited from the past.

The Silence of the Lambs


Why are Christians failing to speak out against the evils perpetrated in the name of Islam?

NewsReal Sunday: Keeping The Jerusalem Post Honest

The headline, “Vatican Aids Eichmann to Escape” is splashed on Page One of the Jerusalem Post. Of course my stomach turns, I’m a Roman Catholic. My husband and I have spent the past five years conducting research and documenting the growth of anti-Semitism in some conservative Catholic organizations, so I have no difficulty in believing [...]