Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin Were Right about Russia


“The kind of response that would only encourage Russia’s Putin to invade Ukraine next.”

Conservative Daily Caller Banned from MLA Convention


But the academic organization opens its arms to the Marxist “Red Wedge.”

Obama Advisor: If Obama Hadn’t Lied, He Would Have “Violated his Promise” to Americans

"I do solemnly swear to lie to you for your own good."

Obama lied to Americans… but it was for their own good.

The Death of Amnesty 2013


America dodges a bullet.

IRS Scandal Follows Old Obama Illinois Pattern


The president’s unblemished record of destroying the opposition through abuse of bureaucracy & regulations.

Obama’s Share of the Youth Vote Shrank, Romney’s Share Increased


A new study notes that Romney actually picked up 5 percent more of the youth vote than McCain, while Obama’s share of the youth vote 6 percent.

It’s the Message and Yes the Messengers — NOT the Voters


Anyone remember a Republican attack ad from the 2012 campaign?

Fighting the Good Conservative Fight


The three fronts on which conservatives must wage all-out war.

After the Election: What Lies Ahead

Picture 18

Conservative titans at Restoration Weekend discuss the path forward after Obama’s re-election.

Voters Support Conservative Values


Why the exit polls give reason for hope.