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Why Israelis are not celebrating Obama’s re-election.

Election Epiphany


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How he would clean up the mess.

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Judgment day.

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Reflections on how America became the richest country in the world without Obama’s help.

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Democrats Furious with Cuban-American Voters


Hispanics who don’t fit the anti-American agenda.

Wouldn’t It Be Terrible If Romney Did Away with FEMA?


FEMA only began to solicit bids for vendors to provide bottled water for distribution to Hurricane Sandy victims on Friday. The winning vendor would be required to deliver the 2.3 million gallons of bottled water by Monday, November 5th.

Every New York City Newspaper but the Times Endorses Mitt Romney


Every New York City newspaper, besides the New York Times, has endorsed Mitt Romney. That’s a clean sweep of the working class and suburban tabloids, the New York Post, the Daily News and Newsday, and the uptownier New York Observer.

Why Romney May Win


The president is in more trouble than Democratic-slanted polls let on.