Obama and the Politics of Contempt


The president’s campaign strategy has been to promote hatred of the opposition.

Like a Virgin: Obama Ad Sets a New Low


I’m Barack Obama and I approved the worst political ad ever.

The Limits of American Power


Even in the event of a Romney win, Israel will still be the only country that can strike Iran.

Obama or Romney: Who is Better for Israel?


A debate between two distinguished voices serves as a wake-up call to all Jewish voters.

Why Obama Gambled With American Lives — on The Glazov Gang


Nonie Darwish, Dwight Schultz and Diane Zinn analyze the secrets and lies of Benghazi-Gate.

Battleground Ohio


An in-depth look at the all-important swing state.

The Battleground States That Will Decide the Election


A tight race, but Obama’s huge margins of victory in key swing states have vanished.

Obama’s Top 5 Foreign Policy Debate Lies


“In Egypt we stood on the side of democracy. In Libya we stood on the side of the people. And as a consequence there is no doubt that attitudes about Americans have changed,” Obama said.

Obama’s Decidedly Unclear Foreign Policy


The president has rarely failed to waffle on an issue of international significance.

Why Comedy Matters

Barack Obama And Mitt Romney Address Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner

Romney has the best jokes because Obama has the worst record.