Obama’s Global Epic Fail


Scholar Bruce Herschensohn unmasks the devastating scope of the president’s foreign policy.

CBS Poll: 65% Say Romney Won Debate on the Economy


For most voters, the economy is what matters and it’s the issue that they vote on

Romney Winning California Independent Voters


Not only is Romney winning California independents 44 to 35, but within the Bay Area, Obama leads Romney only 48 to 42.

Romney Now Ahead in Virginia, New Hampshire and Florida


At this point the only region that Obama seems to have any kind of solid grip on is the Northeast and even that’s beginning to slip through his fingers with the latest New Hampshire polling.

The Arrest of a Filmmaker — on The Glazov Gang

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula's home by Los Angeles County Sheriff's officers in Cerritos, California

Jim Horn, Shari Goodman and Leon Weinstein wonder why the president is carrying out Islamic blasphemy laws.

Art Laffer Introduces Obama to Econ 101


Debunking the attacks against Romney-Ryan tax reform.

Romney Surges


Dramatic changes in the polls spell trouble for Obama.

How the Left Keeps Blacks in Line: The Stacey Dash Chapter


Former Obama-supporting actress throws her support behind Mitt Romney — and suffers the consequences.

Obama: America’s Hollow Man


On Obama characterization, Clint Eastwood has the last laugh.

Obama Camp Has No Excuse for Foreign Funding Negligence


An old problem comes back to haunt Team Obama.