A Media Meltdown of Epic Proportions


The New York Times and Obama campaign exchange talking points.

Romney Rising, Europe Panicking


Leaders reeling after Obama debate disaster.

Looks Like All Those Republican Debates Were a Good Idea After All


Remember that long awful stretch of endless Republican debates that everyone was tired of. A long grueling schedule of 27 debates. Who could that possibly help?

Mitt Romney, apparently.

Presidential Debate Makes Election Alternatives Clear


The philosophical face-off America needs.

Will the First Obama-Romney Showdown Impact Voters?


Even at their most memorable, presidential debates don’t live up to the hype.

Polling Shenanigans


Mainstream pollsters predict greater Democratic turnout than the historic 2008 election.

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Romney’s Revolutionary “Free Enterprise” Foreign Aid Policy


“Work. That must be at the heart of our effort to help people build economies that can create jobs for people, young and old alike. Work builds self-esteem. It transforms minds from fantasy and fanaticism to reality and grounding. Work will not long tolerate corruption nor quietly endure the brazen theft by government of the product of hard-working men and women.”

Only Journalists Offended by Romney’s “47 Percent” Remarks


Who is it really that’s out of touch?

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Romney’s ‘Secret Video’ and Dem Politics of Distraction


The presidential candidate should not apologize for opposing the culture of dependency.

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All the President’s Press


Why Romney was right to weigh in on Mideast unrest.

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