Shadow Party Strikes with Romney ‘Cancer Ad’


Familiar faces behind the indefensible attack.

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VP Speculation Reaches Fever Pitch


The field of apparent Republican vice president picks narrows considerably.

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Israel’s ‘You Built It’ Culture


Why Mitt Romney was right about the culture of success.

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Harry Reid Gone Wild


The senator’s unhinged politics at their worst.

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The Jew Among the Christian Evangelicals


Why Romney’s visit to Israel was about much more than just “the Jewish vote.”

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The Left’s Palin Derangement Syndrome Diagnosed — on The Glazov Gang


Enough material for an entire psychiatric conference.

Romney vs. Obama — on The Glazov Gang

A standoff on Frontpage’s t.v. show about the coming face-off in 2012.

Islam’s Universal Economic Failure


Culture does make the difference — and the numbers prove it.

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Why Republicans Must Take the Lead on Israel: A Postscript


Refuting the critics.

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Romney and the Palestinian Culture of Destruction


The presidential hopeful points to the right reason for the Palestinians’ failure to develop.

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