There Are No Anti-War Activists, Only Anti-American Activists


They’re not against invasions… they’re against the United States.

Ron Paul Institute Blames America for Muslim Kenya Mall Attack

ron paul

The Ron Paul Institute quotes “globe-trotting analyst Pepe Escobar” on Somalia. More accurately, Pepe Escobar is a 9/11 Truther.

Ron Paul’s Board Includes Obama-Lover and Terrorist Supporter Who Compared Tea Party to Nazis

eric margolis

“A forward-looking Democratic Party that represents America’s increasingly mixed racial future is triumphant… What we ended up with today is a rump of the old Republican Party made up of hicks and holy rollers.”

Ron Paul Turns to United Nations to Seize Website from his Supporters


Ron Paul’s hypocrisy is well known by now. He sticks earmarks for his district into bills that he knows will pass and then makes a show of voting against them. He thinks that the United States should not take a position on the affairs of other countries, except for Israel. And he is against the United Nations exercising power over American citizens… unless it’s for his own benefit.

Live by the Sword, Die by the Drone


Islamic terrorism and the anti-war movement.

Political Careers That Live By Sick Words Die By Sick Words

Ronal Paul on killing of bin laden & murder of navy seal

Comparing Ron Paul’s reactions to the killings of Osama bin Laden and American hero Chris Kyle.

Ron Paul on Murder of Hero Navy SEAL: “He Who Lives By The Sword Dies By The Sword”


Chris Kyle was a decorated war hero who was murdered while trying to help veterans. Ron Paul’s contempt for him shows just how extreme and twisted the Paultard movement has become.

Ron Paul’s Middle East Delusion


The tragicomedy of his naïve foreign policy.

Ron Paul’s Congressional District to be Represented by Republican for First Time in 15 Years


Despite being a conservative district, TX-14 has not had a Republican Congressman in the 15 years that Ron Paul has fed pork earmarks to the district in exchange for using it as a platform to denounce America

Ron Paul Fails to Secure Democratic Party Presidential Nomination

Ron Paul Speaks Before Congressional Health Care Caucus In Washington

With the close of the Democratic convention it is now clear that Ron Paul will not be the Democratic Party’s candidate for President in 2012. While Ron Paul did run second to Obama in New Hampshire, picking up almost 4 percent of the vote, he failed to score any actual delegates.