Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Ted Cruz and Ronald Reagan


Rand Paul has a piece at Breitbart which Drew at Ace views as a slam against Ted Cruz. The dispute is once again over what Reagan would have done. Reagan clearly believed in a strong national defense and in “Peace through Strength.” He stood up to the Soviet Union, and he led a world that […]

In Obama’s Era, What Would Ronald Reagan Do?


Words of wisdom for uncertain times.

Pushing Nationalized Health Care, Gay Marriage and Terror Appeasement Just Like Reagan, Says Meathead

I can't tell the difference. Can you?

“Obama’s right around where Bob Dole is. They’re very similar, you know?”

Kerry Fondly Reminisces About Time He Aided Communist Guerrillas

El Commandante, Senor John Kerry: Reporting for Duty

It’s always great to hear old radicals reminiscing about the time they helped undermine America. It’s even better when they have risen to become Secretary of State.

Michael Reagan at Restoration Weekend

Picture 7

To win the future, conservatives must look to the great leadership of the past.

The Tea Party Got It Right, Mitt Got It Wrong


With a watered-down message came defeat.

Government Can’t Substitute the Initiative of Entrepreneurs


Hurricane Sandy demonstrates the iron will of successful business people.

What Reagan Would Say About the Mohammed Riots


Where then, is the road to peace? It is a simple answer. You and I have the courage to say to our enemies “there is a price we will not pay”, “there is a point beyond which they must not advance”…

Obama’s Land of the LOST


The president ramps up his pressure campaign to promote global government.

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Blue Collar Intellectuals


A new book details the six figures who left an indelible mark on the American pop-intellectual landscape.

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