When Comedians Aren’t Funny


Sarah Palin punchlines are getting old.

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“Get Him To The Greek”: Stealth Conservatism for Those Who Can Stomach Vulgarity

Can you picture a rock star pitching himself as the White African Jesus? If so, you may be slightly disturbed. Also, might have an appreciation for a character like Aldous Snow (Russell Brand). Movies about rock stars (or music in general) are extremely hit and miss. There are two tracks to take; there are films [...]

Bob McCarty Goes Undercover: Leftists Talk Socialized Medicine

On his increasingly popular Fox News show yesterday, host Glenn Beck talked about labor unions, “Cadillac Health Plans” and socialists. As usual, Beck explained wonderfully what these people are trying to do and why you should be worried about it.
Shortly after Beck’s show, conservative blogger Bob McCarty published videos he made last year of some of [...]

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